Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation generally refers to a suite of tools that allow you to communicate effectively with your prospects and customers in order to nurture relationships and as a result grow your business.

Over time more-and-more Marketing Automation platforms have been launched and their features have expanded so as to often blur the lines between traditional Marketing Automation, CRM and Visitor Identification tools. 

There are now a variety of solutions on the market to fit every budget.  MBI can help you select and implement the platform that is right for you.

Why should you consider using a Marketing Automation Platform?  Here are some of the benefits to your organization:

1. Identify more leads: many MA platforms now include visitor tracking features and dynamic forms that provide you with visibility into your prospects and customers behaviors.

2. Nurture your leads:  MA capabilities include the ability to segment your prospects and customers and develop personalized nurturing campaigns based on interests and where they are in the sales funnel.

3. Drive more sales:  MA can help your sales team better identify and focus on sales-ready leads through triggers and notifications that you define.

4. Improve customer retention, ups-selling and cross-selling:  MA platforms provide a database that maintains a complete customer profile and timeline of touchpoints preferences and interactions that allow you to personalize your follow-up and messaging.

5. Evaluate your Success:  Marketing Campaign Reporting is a feature of many MA platforms that allows you to easily evaluate the success of your campaigns and sales processes so you can make adjustments and improve your results.

Marketing Automation platforms come in all sizes, shapes and prices.  A successful implementation depends in part on the platform selected but more importantly on how well it is planned and executed.

Many implementations fail because the platform is selected first while designing and planning the system to best support your goals is neglected.  That is where MBI can help you!  Our expertise is in Marketing Automation not in any specific platform.  Based on our experience we know that the key to success is investing in Discovery & Planning before you select or touch the platform.   We approach our projects in three phases:

1. Discovery & Planning

2. Configuration and Implementation

3. Ongoing development, monitoring and support