Sales Lead Automation

Sales Lead Automation is a highly effective approach to B2B Lead Generation. MBI represents a platform that incorporates an extensive contact database and the strategies and tactics to connect with your ideal prospects. With our automation tools you can touch more prospects, generate more qualified leads and shorten the sales cycle.

Your sales team gets to spend more time with interested prospects and less time cold calling. The following infographic shows how Sales Lead Automation works:

Sales Autoamation Infographic

Sales Lead Automation vs. Marketing Automation?


It can get confusing – why would you need both Sales Lead Automation and Marketing Automation? Both have the same end-goal in mind – to build sales. Their approach and time-horizons are different. Ideally they collaborate and cooperate to address potential customers wherever they are in the Sales Funnel.  

Marketing Automation typically targets large numbers of potential customers through newsletters and further engages individuals that indicate interest with nurturing campaigns. Sales Lead Automation on the other hand targets a single prospect with a custom cadence to generate leads. Automation allows a sales rep to communicate to a group of people while maintaining a personal one-to-one relationship. 

The following chart will help you to further understand the difference between Marketing Automation and Sales Lead Automation.


Marketing Automation

  • Mass Email Campaigns  (unlimited opt in sends)
  • Sent on Behalf of the Company
  • Demand Generation in Nature
  • Deliverability is a Challenge
  • Message Designed to Educate
  • Tracks All Online Behavior
  • Automates Marketing Tasks


Sales Lead Automation

  • One at a Time Emails (400 emails a day non-opt in)
  • Sent on Behalf of the Salesperson
  • Lead Generation in Nature
  • Deliverability is Easy
  • Message Designed to get a Response
  • Tracks Only Email Behavior – No Lead Score
  • Automates Sales Tasks

Why Choose My Business Integrated?

MBI specializes in understanding Sales and Marketing technologies so you don’t have to. We partner with a leader in Sales Lead Automation. Our partner has 20 million contact records in-house and access to another 160 million.  They don’t just have the data, they have experience! Working with clients in a wide variety of B2B industries they have developed cadences that have unprecedented response rates.

Our Process for Sales Professionals:
1. Define your Ideal customer profile.
2. Create your email marketing list by matching the customer profile to our database of 200 million B2B contacts.
3. Develop a series of automated email messages designed to help you generate conversations and leads.

All accomplished at a reasonable cost. Since most companies don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on contact data, we provide free use of our data so you can save your limited budgets for more important things like developing content.